Meeting with lobbyist Dale Florio

Powerful Lobbyist Dale Florio from Princeton Public Affairs Group. He recommended:

  • Finding a Primary sponsor who is a Democrat because they hold the majority. Find a person that will actually push the bill.
  • Get a Republican Co-primary sponsor
  • Have student leader present letter requesting additional sponsors
  • Ask if they know of other groups/people that may be interested in supporting
  • Work Senate at same time
  • Once bill is re-introduced, send letter to all 116 other legislators
  • Send Letter to Chairman of Education Committee to add bill to list, and also ask prime sponsor to reach out to Chairman
  • If possible, have students speaking at committee meetings
  • Lobby day – once out of committee and before bill goes for a vote. Students meet legislatures in halls during voting session, introduce themselves and give them a handout that briefly outlines the bill
  • Primary Sponsor requests Senate Pres/Speaker to post bill for vote
  • Request editorial board session with major daily papers